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The importance of a properly functioning water heater cannot be undermined; it's used for laundry, dishes, and shower purposes. Get your leaky water heater repaired by us at competitive prices. Rely on our technicians to give complete attention to detail in order to ensure that your water heater works properly and safely.

At Arctic Fox Air-Conditioning and Heating, we can also install the water heater that transfers the heat from the garage to your water heater and help you reduce energy cost by 50%. If you need us to install a water heater with a timer, we can do that too! Call us to schedule an appointment today!

Quality Repair Services for Your Gas or Electric Water Heater

Having been in business for over 9 years, we have the expertise to provide you with superior gas or electrical water heater repair services. Both the water heaters need specific attention to minimize any possibility of future problems and to offer you safe hot water.

Gas water heaters are designed with a gas valve that cycles itself on and off as the water gets heated and cooled in the tank. They come with a pilot light (pilot flame is controlled by a thermocouple), which heats the tank at the bottom. Gas hot water heaters are built with a safety valve, which controls water pressure. 

If the pressure in the tank of the gas water heater gets too high, it releases the water to be safely discharged to avoid any damage. Gas hot water heaters are also built with a flu that discharges harmful fumes to the outside of your home. 

Electric water heaters, on the other hand, use heating elements, located on the top and bottom of the water tank, to create hot water. These heating elements are controlled by thermostats to keep the water at the desired temperature. Like gas water heaters, these too are protected by a temperature and pressure relief valve. 

Our technicians are experienced and equipped to carry out electric water heater repairs and replacements — thermostats, heating elements, temperature, pressure valves, dip tubes, and anode rods. If you need us to install a new drain valve, we can do that too! 

Turn to our professionals to follow the complete checklist to diagnose your water heater and ensure that all the components are functioning properly. Rest assured knowing that we offer a 2-year WARRANTY on all our work!

Check Out Our Water Heater Maintenance Program

We offer water heater maintenance services for both gas and electric water heaters. We can inspect all the fixtures that bring gas into the burners to ensure smooth functioning of your gas water heater. We can inspect the burner, flue, piping, and connections from where the gas flows.

If you need us to detect any carbon monoxide leaks through a meter, we can do that too. We can also inspect the temperature, pressure relief valve, and emergency shut off valve for proper operation. In the end, we'll drain the water from the water heater to remove sediment from the bottom. 

Some of the areas that we inspect for electric water heater maintenance:
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve to avoid any seizure
  • Both the top and bottom heating elements
  • Drain water from the tank through the bottom to inspect the contents 
  • Emergency shut off valve directly above the tank of the water heater
Water Heater Installation

Process of Water Heater Installation Services

  • Drain your existing water heater to haul it away
  • Install a new electric or gas water heater in your home
  • Supply lines and gas flex lines
  • Install a new water shut off valve for your water heater
  • Re-pipe the temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Thoroughly inspect the water heater for any leaks
Since the installation of a water heater is relatively shorter process, it's better to get it done at the earliest. Some of the brands that we can install include:
  • American Standard
  • AO Smith
  • Bradford White
  • Rheem and more
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