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Professional Duct Services

Ductwork is important to provide quality ventilation throughout the house. A poorly assembled duct can also lead to bad air circulation, which may cause trouble to your health. At Arctic Fox Air-Conditioning and Heating, we offer duct repair and installation services at great prices.

We serve Phoenix and various communities in the West Valley, such as Sun City, Glendale, Avondale, Surprise, and Peoria. Call us at 623-533-5718 to schedule an appointment today!

Get Your Duct Repaired by Us

Has your duct developed leaks over the period of time? Turn to us. Our duct specialists will inspect your home's entire duct system and repair loose or damaged parts. From resealing the leaks to modifying the duct system to enhance the effectiveness of air conditioner, we can handle them all! 

If you have a duct system at home that is out of balance or is distributing the air across home unevenly, turn to us. Our technician will install a device called scoop to keep all the rooms of the house evenly cool. We use sealants like Mastic for all duct sealant work.

Quality Duct Installation Services

Whether it's a duct system for your newly constructed home or you need to get your old one replaced, we can get the job done effectively. Our technicians will inspect, analyze, and provide you with the perfect duct system for your home, which will optimize the efficiency of the complete system.

New duct system installation will not only help reduce your energy costs but also increase the efficiency of your air-conditioning system. If you need us to install spiral or galvanized duct system, we can do that too!
Count on Us for Duct Repair 
and Installation Services. Call

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