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Keep hot Arizona summers at bay by getting quality air conditioner installation and replacement services by us. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and can provide top-quality air conditioner installation services at competitive prices. 
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You will be glad to hear that we can work on various types of air-conditioning system in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Rest assured knowing that our technicians will first check the AC unit for its energy efficiency before installing it in your home.

Allow Us to Install or Replace Your Rooftop AC Unit

At Arctic Fox Air-Conditioning and Heating, we can provide installation and replacement services for your rooftop air-conditioning system efficiently. Rest assured knowing that our technicians will take the correct rating of the unit before going ahead with the installation services.

Also known as "packaged heat pumps" or "gas packs," rooftop air conditioners require a proper installation process, which our technicians will look after while getting the job done for you. Here are the steps that we follow:
  • Construction of custom-built sheet metal air duct elbows to fit rooftop and unit
  • Changing the high-voltage disconnect and wiring on roof
  • Installation of new thermostat wiring
  • Installation of condensate drain to home's drain
  • Installation of a new digital thermostat
  • Inspection of ductwork in attic looking for leaks
  • Split system air-conditioning unit installation

Get Your Damaged AC Inspected by Us

Has a hailstorm damaged your air conditioner? Get it inspected by us. Our technicians will check your AC and will rectify the issue to get it back up and running for the summers. Some of the areas that we'll inspect include:
  • Refrigerant leaks 
  • Poor air flow over outdoor coils 
  • Damaged cooling fins 
  • Damaged wiring 
  • Broken shrouds and guards
Split AC Service

Rely on Us for Your Split AC Requirements

Let our technicians offer you exceptional split AC installation services. From installing the condenser outside your home to blower inside the house, we have you covered. The procedure that we follow to install a split air conditioner is as follows:
  • Installation of a new electrical disconnect
  • Installation of new copper lines from the house to the new unit
  • Ensure that the new air-conditioning unit outside of the house is level
  • Installation of a new liquid line dryer and suction line dryer
  • Installation of a new secondary drain pan in the attic
  • Installation of the new air handler or furnace
  • Reconnect the drain lines with proper slope for adequate drainage
  • Installation of new plenum boxes and if needed, new ductwork
  • Installation of new gas flexes and flue pipe on furnaces
  • Installation of a new digital thermostat
Rest assured knowing that we'll never cut corners for our AC installation services. All our AC units and parts are long lasting. We believe in installing a low-quality unit properly than a top-of-the-line system poorly.
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